Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everything's Bigger In Texas

This was taken on Galveston island in Texas at a place called Pointe West. I was looking inland, across the bay towards Houston.

That cloud is huge. it's probably over 25,000 feet tall--taller than any mountain and probably more massive. You'll never see anything like that in Santa Barbara :). Check out the original size for some nice detail in the clouds.

This is a panorama, stitched together from 5 vertical frames at 17mm.

Here is the original, uncropped and unedited panorama.


  1. I am guessing it was a pretty hot day when you took this shot. Clouds get like this all the way up the midwest because of the high pressure heat caps going up so high before it hits the cold air. This draws the cloud up. Cooler climates have the cold air closer to the ground so the clouds don't go up as high.

    Like your photos -especially the surf in the stairs.

  2. Thanks SJ! Yeah, it was pretty hot--maybe 85 degrees--and really humid. Felt like a sauna :)