Sunday, March 21, 2010

Point-and-Shoot Fun

A different take on the family photo

A couple things led to the photos in this post.

One was an article in a photography magazine showcasing a particular photographer's work. When asked about what she shoots with, she mentioned that she carries a point-and-shoot with her religiously.

I like that idea--I hear of other people bringing their camera bag with them wherever they go, but I can't really hog the SLR all of the time, since Jess uses it as well. Also, it's pretty impractical!

We have a small point-and-shoot that we got four or five years ago. It easily fits in my pocket, and while it's no SLR, I think I know enough now to understand what I can and can't accomplish within its limitations.

Logan's Crocs, as he sees them

The second thing that motivated these was seeing some photos on flickr which were of simple, ordinary things, but were heavily stylized in order to bring out some aspect of the composition. This inspired me to try taking more photos that rely less on the inherent interest of the subject (like gorgeous sunsets ;) ), and more on the composition and design.

I had just read a chapter on "lines" in a composition book...

I'm planning to add our compact to the little pile of things that go in my pockets when I head out the door. Hopefully some fun shots will come out of it!

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