Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This past Sunday was my birthday, hooray! My generous parents bought me a copy of Photomatix as a birthday present.

In a previous post, I explained the basics of HDR and played with a trial version of Photomatix which put watermarks all over the final images. Now I've got the real thing, though, and I'm ready to rock!

It's almost silly how much magic this software works.

I took this photo a couple months back in an effort to get back into photography. Even though the sky was amazing, I had a really tough time framing the fountain, the mission, and the sky. I came home that night really discouraged, but I'm glad I at least captured what I did!

Thinking back on it, what I really needed to do was to get further back so that the fountain would become a smaller part of the composition. The problem was, that fountain is right next to the street and there was a huge truck parked right behind me, so that was as far back as I was going to get. Maybe next time I'll reserve the space by parking in it :).

Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for the cool software!


  1. Happy belated birthday Chris!
    This is a gorgeous pic. It very much reminds me of Provence.
    I'm only beginning to learn about editing, But this is wonderful, well done :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah!

    I'm hoping to do more 'beginning editing' posts soon. I'm worried that I've jumped ahead but have left some of my readers behind!